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Club Introduction
Expo fencing is located in Heping District of Tianjin City Xinhua Road Sports Bureau, formerly known as established in 1982 the peace District Amateur Sports School fencing team, has more than 2000 square meters of large training venues and domestic leading fencing equipments, with 16 standard Kendo, and have well-known coaches and sports and national coach to guide, to advanced concepts of basic education in fencing, pay attention to the interesting and practical, authoritative and professional fencing training base.

In ancient times, the sword is human use in order to survive to fight and hunt with the tools of the beast. Combination of graceful movements and flexible tactics, development from the ancient sword duels into modern sports.

With the development of human, the sword by the original stone, bone development of bronze, iron, and finally to steel, and as a weapon of war in the war, and gradually embarked on the stage of history. Eleventh Century BC, ancient Greece appeared fencing class and lecture, master.


Every time of fencing
Is a brain exercise

Exercise thinking:
One to one of the close against the need to continue to observe,
Keep thinking, and respond to vanquish the enemy.
Calm mind:
Fencing has a prescribed routine,
It's important to keep a clear mind.
Strong forecasting ability:
Correctly anticipate their moves,
You won the victory.
Fencing is about strategy, "Qiao" Jin is on,
Can exercise the coordination between the hands and the brain.

Ballet in combat

And do a job with skill and ease,
Tiptoe and ballet like touch the floor,
Free waving sword,
Just like the music in the ballet,
Only the eyes of the dialogue between the sword and the sword.
The attack with no chink in one's armour,
Appreciate the spiritual and leisurely fencing,
The last moment that highlight the fencing
The struggle and generosity.
Rapid, flexible, elegant.
This is the place where the fencing is fascinating.
Believe that this is what you want.

022-2330 9922/2330 9923

Tianjin Road, Baoding Road, city, 10 (Xinhua Road Stadium) integrated training floor, 4

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