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Fencing, a heart of practice

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1 "fencing practice heart cast personality cultivation"

Fencing exercise, can make the swordsman's will, mind have been greatly practice. The way to realize fencing is the way of life, the wisdom and truth of life.

In fact, the sword of truth, swordsman's heart. Therefore, since ancient times, fencing is not out of date, are equally attractive, as long as you can really consciousness sword's preciousness. Practice in the heart of the sword, is the true spirit of swordsman.

The 2 musketeers of the noble

Fencing is generally recognized as a noble sport. Since ancient times, the noble sport of fencing originated from the noble swordsman itself. This is a fight for the faith and honor the spirit of the sword, but also embody the noble quality of swordsman.

In order to their own beliefs, no regrets, swordsman can pay, even to life as a bet. Such a noble, is unable to use the appearance to disguise, but the heart naturally swordsman. Therefore, the noble movement is a synonym for the fencing movement.

The 3 musketeers of wisdom

In fencing, only aiming at the objective situation on the enemy side and on our own, to the correct guiding ideology, using the best strategy, rival restraint, to play their advantages, to win the final victory. If you can not fight the enemy and the bow is more on the top of the". So, to be more brave than wise swordsman sword is bold and crafty, while. Good at analysis, is the basic quality, the quality of the best swordsman, in life will bring many benefits.

Calm the 4 Musketeers

Excellent swordsman, placid heart. Clear the mind is the pursuit of high level fencing swordsman art issue. In fencing, calm can make good use of wise tactics, beat his opponent in the fight, and get sublimation. If the impatience, be reckless, will take the opponents, and ultimately defeat. So, should develop the virtue of silent swordsman. In daily life, the quiet will bring the ultimate victory and success.

The 5 musketeers of loyalty

This is the faith of their faith, is the loyalty of their own team, but also the loyalty of peers. The sword in the hands of a sense of responsibility, this is the tradition arise spontaneously, swordsman. So, the swordsman is always respected. In the game a challenge, but not fighting alone, which makes the swordsman spirit is more valuable!

The 6 musketeers of honor

Ancient swordsman sword contest, is the fight for honor. The swordsman, honor is better than life. So, to fight to the death of Swordsman and the opponent. Today, a true swordsman will also keep the pure spirit of fencing, we can accept failure, but be sure to win the respect of all people.

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