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The 2013 National Games fencing project settings

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The 2013 National Games in fencing project set up 12 items, including men's foil individual competition, epee individual competition, the individual Sabre competition, team foil race, team Epee race, Sabre team match; the women's individual foil competition, epee individual competition, the individual Sabre competition, team foil race, team Epee match, sabre team match.

Fencing in approximately 2 meters wide, 14 meters long, at both ends of each 2 meters of the extension band fencing pad, pad on the painting line, at the beginning of the line, cordon and baseline, sword hand only forward or backward, not to the left and right mobile. Sword hand must wear coverage effective parts of the metal jacket and mask, when stabbed in the effective parts, electric judging device will automatically display a red or green light, stabbed in the invalid parts is bright white light. Kendo next to the referee to the referee, he must in foil and sabre competitions, both hit, decided who has "hit the priority".

Fencing suit: the use of a fabric or fabric made of solid material, white, the surface can not be too smooth. To coat, underwear, pants and a jacket, made of cotton or nylon cloth. Athletes in the actual combat posture, the jacket can not get stuck in the other side of the sword or by the other side of the sword, can not have the ring clasp and openings. Underwear with at least two layers of cloth sewn together, sleeve to sword arm at the elbow, a in the armpit no seams, no openings can be fixed on the coat, but can not use hard board. Such as wearing pants, fastened on the instep; such as wearing knee pants, fastened on the knees, and wearing white stockings. Female athletes in the Neijiadai hard coat or metal protector.

Clothing: metal foil athlete special clothing. Made of metal wire with good electrical conductivity. Wear the athlete's coat, when doing a variety of actions, can cover the effective part.

Mask: mesh, cover is arranged in the retainer device and the neck, week. The mask of the neck neck is not more than 20 mm, in any case not exceeding the clavicle (neckguard epee and sabre can be slightly larger). Metal wire coated with mask.

Fencing gloves: made of sheep's clothing. The glove sleeve is half the length of the forearm.

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