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Insist on the value of the value of the daughter of fencing into Harvard (turn from the parents experience)

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Recently, it is difficult to static under heart to write blog article, main reasons: one is near Christmas chores more, two daughters also successively from New York back, want to be able to have more time with them together; the second is the little girl into Harvard. Finally the dust settled, as a mother, the three daughters finally have the a satisfactory explanation, some feel tired, want to get in the mood to do some adjustments.

During this period, I recall many things, especially in the first few days with her daughter to go to Dallas to participate in the North American Cup tournament, once again to see the lake when the lake, years ago, I can not help thinking of the situation here in three years ago.

Encounter: a stepping stone for University fencing?

Daughter Practice Fencing began with an accidental opportunity. Moreover, the child does not have the talent for athletes. Now you can go to Harvard to fencing specially recruited, there are many stories, there are a lot of emotion.

Previously mentioned, a friend of the parents is the national level of fencing coaches, they want to teach the children of the United States after their immigration to teach the children learn fencing, but also need to teach a few children in order to each other, so that my daughter began fencing.

I do not know is because I was born the youngest older or other reasons, little girl's body not always two sister good, not only easy to get sick, and physical agility than sisters, especially older sister as well. At the beginning of the practice of fencing, relative to the other children together to practice the sword, she not only started late, but also the physical quality, sports cells to be much worse. Every time we see them together with practice, do not know what the little daughter can get to.

Although, the little girl after the beginning of the practice of fencing, the people from the circle where I heard about the application of fencing to help college, but we see how the specific circumstances of the daughter, the ability to help her daughter how to apply for the university can not help, the heart is not the end, only to take a step, look at the. I hope that fencing can help the University, but still require children to do their best in all aspects of the best efforts to maintain good results, according to the child's love of fencing and the development of the state, to see how long she can hold, to what level, at any time to adjust.

Although the fencing is not like football, basketball, football as a direct physical confrontation, but also often opponent Chuo Deqing a piece of purple, with any other sports items, it will cause a variety of sports injuries. You may remember that Luan Jujie story that she in the Olympic Games is opponent's broken sword pierced the arm, but still adhere to the contest and won the championship. A few years ago I for the first time in North America Cup saw her, and she had a long talk. She will also wound in the arm to my daughter, to encourage children to have not afraid of hardship, the firm winning spirit.

We always think the youngest children are likely to be spoiled, so the little girl in the education also pay special attention to this aspect. Fortunately, the child has a sense of self in this respect. She is very strong, not far behind the two sisters. So very hard in training, competition, training, competition is often adhere to the injury. However, these physical and physical insistence, is only one aspect of the sports competition, the more severe test is mentally, psychologically.

No leeway, play to win

The cruelty of sports is that it is a man to win the game, you have to lose the game, there is no win-win or win-win situation. It is not certain to win. You won't have to win a match in your game. Every game, you have to adjust yourself to the best state, from the physical, technical, especially psychological to achieve the best, and to maintain the end of the game. And psychologically, you have to be ready to win, but also to face the consequences of losing. Some parents say that children take part in sports, don't need too much emphasis on the results, as long as fun have (happy) on the line. I don't agree.

First, if the children of sports game does not matter, then he (she) will be equally indifferent to other things. Sports is to develop children's thinking and character of an excellent activity, if it is to participate in sports activities for children to develop the right habits, so that the sport has lost its meaning.

Second, fencing is a money, time, energy, and energy spending is very large movement, from the parents to the children are put in great. You put more, you want to have more return. As parents think, as a sensible little daughter naturally think so, naturally there will be a lot of pressure.

As a result, the failure of each game is a painful experience. The game into the second round of the single elimination system, as long as the loss of a field that is eliminated. Every time after being eliminated dragging sword bag left the court, children frustrated, annoyed, ashamed, grievances, mixed with on their dissatisfaction and anger, can be imagined. As parents, we often feel disappointed and helpless, and often try to reconsider the value of fencing.

The strength of the stick: the fencing into Harvard

As the child entered the high school, the distance from the application of the University's date asymptotically, and the progress of the fence seems to have stalled, adult children are some anxiety. So, three years ago in Dallas after a defeat in the National Games, we took the children to a park near the lake Ray Hubbard, in the face of a wide calm lake, and the children had a quiet talk. Diplomatically, the conversation can be described as "Frank" and "frank".

We opened the door and saw the mountain to her at the time.

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