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Origin of fencing

Fencing: a sport, a skill, a science is an art and a way of education. Whether we take it as an art to appreciate, or as a scientific research, or to see it as a way of education, or as a skill to practice, we can harvest wealth. Through fencing, we have a history of dialysis, the study of complex technical skills, the feeling of praise of achievements, the understanding of the heritage of the ancestors.
Fencing is a long history of traditional sports items. As early as in ancient times, the sword is the human use in order to survive to fight and hunt with the tools of the beast. With the development of human history, from the original sword stone, bone development, iron bronze...... And its function is from the original tool evolution as a weapon of war, gradually embarked on the stage of history, and along with the arrival of the era of firearms, and gradually from the history of the war curtain call. The spread of printing is the spread of civilization, and the fencing culture is to carry forward and improve.
Fencing in ancient Greece, Egypt, China, Rome, Arabia and other countries are very popular. Let us cross the age, in the history of the first track to find the fencing. As many of us know, fencing was included in the first Olympic Games in 1896, but a lot of people were ignored, and it was also included in the first session of the ancient Olympic Games in 776 BC. Eleventh Century BC, ancient Greece appeared fencing class and lecture, master. About the ancient form of fencing, in Greece, Egypt and other countries in the history of some of the buildings and monuments can be seen on the fencing of the.
In medieval Europe, dazzling the knighthood, fencing and horse riding, swimming, hunting, chess, poetry, the javelin is knight seven noble art. With their superb World Fencing, with noble sentiments won widespread reputation. Then all the nobles have to follow, a time become upper class fashion, so that to develop to the nobility to resolve disputes, frequently bajian opposite, sword set of life and death. In order to promote the research and development of fencing technology, European countries have established guilds (Fencing Association and school). Spain is regarded as the cradle of modern sport of fencing, first fencing book is by two Spanish fencing master edited, and soon their works has been recognized, and introduced in Italy and France.
Fencing movement in France, Charlie nine to the five generation of the king of the 150 generations of the development of comprehensive development. In 1776, the French invented the master mask, the invention of the fencing has been more elegant way. People wear masks, gloves, wear fencing clothes, you can safely carry out a series of offensive and defensive confrontation. The advent of the mask is a milestone in the development of fencing. France became the centre of development of European fencing at that time.

Fencing development

At the same time, the wind of the duel prevailed in europe. They use three edged sword, is the prototype of today's epee. In this situation, in order to satisfy the people to the fencing of tastes and needs and for damage to life, a blade shorter and showed 4-angled, sword tip with leather wrap new sword, generally welcomed by the people and get to carry out a wide range of, this is the prototype of the sword flower now. From now on, in the European martial arts hall, fencing hall and professional school, the Foil Fencing way gradually formed and perfected. Keen to duel of the gentry and nobility from 1885 to start in the martial arts hall to practice, using three prismatic sword also made the above improvement, not confrontation restriction site. In this regard, epee officially in the form of athletics.
At the end of the 18th century, Hungary to the east the Persians, Arabs and Turks early cavalry curved knife, reform, on the hilt assembled a like crescent shaped handguard, in fencing can play a role to protect the finger. Later, Italian fencing that it should be further improved, making it can be used in the sport of fencing and duels, and according to the characteristics of the cavalry, the provisions of the effective fraction is above the girdle, which became the predecessor of modern sabre. Thus, people can freely choose the foil, epee and sabre in fencing at.

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