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Since the peace District Amateur Sports School since 1982 establishment of fencing, 32 years of fruitful peace fencing bearing numerous honor and glory. The interpretation of the countless colorful chapter, in all on behalf of the zone of peace in the city and the fencing competitions, have excellent results, 4 years in Tianjin City Sports fencing competitions have won the gold medal, for many years for the Tianjin team and the national team co transport more than 130 outstanding fencers, including foil Liu Yuntao, Sun Chao. Sword Hou Mengjun, Guo Jian, Shao Yaqi etc., were made over the Asian Championship and the national championship, Tianjin for the country to win the honor.

In 2007 the state promulgated the "about strengthens the young people sports to enhance the views of the constitution of teenagers, commonly known as the" Document No. 7 "and" outline of the nationwide body-building plan "after, at the beginning of 2013 Heping District Sports Bureau approval, in the former sword flat and team based on established World Fencing. Rapid development of peace fencing, formal training number has more than 300 people attended, with a word to describe: teacher meets the champions come forth in large numbers. Introduction coach...... In just the end of the Tianjin city thirteenth movement will be made a total of nine gold, five silver and 15 bronze good results, as a zone of peace to win the honor, has been recognized by the leadership.

In the future course of development, we must in accordance with the instructions of the relevant leaders of the municipal and district guidelines, adhere to the reform and innovation, greater reliance on market forces, to accelerate the development of the sports industry, promote the sports consumption, to promote public health, for the peace District youth to achieve universal sports, sports daily, the goal of lifelong sports contribute to achieve General Secretary Xi said from a big sports country change into a sports power struggle.

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